Mini-workshop: GPD Models and their Implementation in Data Analysis

Dec 9th EST Introduction  
10:00 AM Xiangdong Ji Welcome/Aim of Workshop
10:05 AM Matthias Burkardt Theory Intro
10:20 AM Simonetta Liuti Phenomenology Intro
10:35 AM Short Discussion  
  Models Discussion  
10:45 AM Kreso Kumericki KM Model
10:50 AM Peter Kroll GPDs from Nucleon Form Factors
10:55 AM Barbara Pasquini LC Models of GPDs
11:00 AM Ian Cloet Modeling GPDs using DSE & NJL Models
11:10 AM Brandon Kriesten Reggeized Spectator Model of GPDs
11:15 AM Cedric Mezrag The covariant extension: new framework to model GPDs
11:20 AM Christian Weiss TBA
11:25 AM Aurore Courtoy GPDs in Bag Model
11:30 AM Peter Schweitzer Forces & pressure inside proton
11:35 AM Ismael Zahed Hadron femtography from QCD Instanton vacuum
  Models + Lattice Info in Fits  
11:40 AM Emanuele Nocera NNPDF
11:45 AM Huey-Wen Lin Injecting lattice QCD info in fits
11:50 AM Martha Constantinou Injecting lattice QCD info in fits
  What experiment requires  
11:55 AM Carlos Munoz EIC
12:00 PM Herve Moutarde Partons global fits of CFFs
12:05 PM Zhihong Ye JLab/SOLID
12:10 PM Yuxiang Zhao EicC
12:20 PM Discussion  


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